Trustees for 2019-2020

Sandra E. Genere ’97, Co-Chair   
Assistant Director,  Alumni Clubs and Associations, Harvard Business School 

Sarah Clark Scholte, Co-Chair  
Program Director,  Bain Capital

Maryanne Basler, Clerk and Governance Committee Chair
Business Consultant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Dr. Tom Burke  
Orthopedic Surgeon, Mt. Auburn Hospital

Dulce Depina ’01  
Consultant and Lifestyle Blogger

Maria O. Hylton
Professor, Boston University School of Law

Essence Lee  
Digital & Loyalty at Stop & Shop

Melissa Menard  
Director, Sales Excellence at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Kaushik Mehta  
Director, Willis Towers Watson

Christina Olayon-Baker  
Vice President, Global Product Development, State Street

Candace Stanciel  
Director of Convening, New Profit

Meg Tallon  
Board Clerk, Commonwealth Kitchen



Ex – Officio
Annmarie Quezada
Head of School
Rev. Gerald Osterman
Everett, MA
Sr. Fran Butler, SSND
Dorchester, MA

Administration & Development

Annmarie Quezada, Head of School (617) 427-1177 x101 aquezada@mcaec.org
Gloria Wilkins, Business Manager (617) 427-1177 x104 gwilkins@mcaec.org
Carrie Coughlin, Director of Development (617)427-1177 x134 ccoughlin@mcaec.org
Michelle Brito, Principal (617) 427-1177 x122 mbrito@mcaec.org
Jennifer Muñoz, Assistant Principal (617) 427-1177 x204 jmunoz@mcaec.org
Tracie Peaks-Sandy, Executive Assistant / Nutrition Director (617) 427-1177 x106 tpeakssandy@mcaec.org
Beverly Gill, Receptionist (617) 427-1177 x100 bgill@mcaec.org
Olumide Adebo,  IT Specialist (617) 427-1177 x107 oadebo@mcaec.org
Darwing Rodriguez, IT Technician (617) 427-1177 x107 drodriguez@mcaec.org

The Academy

Peter Squires, Social Studies and Math Teacher (617) 427-1177 x111 psquires@mcaec.org
Lisa Fauman, Science Teacher (617) 427-1177 x238 lfauman@mcaec.org
Rebecca Wyczalek, Tutoring Program Liaison (617) 427-1177 x207 rwyczalek@mcaec.org
Sarah Harrison, English Teacher (617) 427-1177 x131 sharrison@mcaec.org
Robin Horgan, World Religion and Spanish Teacher  (617) 427-1177 x132 rhorgan@mcaec.org
Julianna Montminy, 4th and 5th Math and Science Teacher  (617) 427-1177 x207 jmontminy@mcaec.org
Liam Wintroath,  Social Studies Teacher (617) 427-1177 x207  lwintroath@mcaec.org
Lousillia Bailey,  Art Teacher (617) 427-1177 x207 lbailey@mcaec.org
Sonja Tengblad, 4th and 5th Grade Music Teacher  (617) 427-1177 x207 stengblad@mcaec.org

Morgan Muschamp, Program Associate (617) 427-1177 x207  mmuschamp@mcaec.org
Maria Moncata, Program Associate (617) 427-1177  x207 mmoncata@mcaec.org
Isabelle Hattan, Program Associate (617) 427-1177 x207 ihattan@mcaec.org
Megan Dillon, Program Associate (617) 427-1177 x207 x207 mdillon@mcaec.org