Trustees for 2020-2021


Melissa Menard, Chair   
SVP, Beecher Carlson, LLC

Essence Lee  Souffrant, Vice Chair  
Digital and Loyalty, Stop and Shop

Dr. Tom Burke, MD  
Orthopedic Surgeon, Mt. Auburn Hospital

Jacklyn Burgo, Clerk 
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

Matt Engler 
Director, Wells Fargo

Christina Olayon-Baker  
Vice President, Global Product Development, State Street

Jarrell Perkins, Treasurer 
Associate Director of Finance, The Clinton Health Access Initiative

Ellen Segal 
Boston Open Impact

Candace Stanciel  
Director of Convening, New Profit

Meg Tallon  
Board Clerk, Commonwealth Kitchen

Laurie Bevier  
Director of Talent GE

Maria O’Brien  
Professor of law Boston University 

Annmarie Quezada

Sister Fran Butler

Father Gerald Osterman


All               Leadership Team             Faculty                   Staff


Leadership Team

Annmarie Quezada
Head of School
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x101
Jennifer Hernandez
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x204
Marie Louise Greenidge
Director of Development
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x134
Gloria Wilkins
Business Manager
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x104
Michelle Brito
Education Consultant
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x122
Gabriella Pesce
Dean of Students
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x132


Peter Squires
Social Studies and Math Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x111
Rebecca Wyczalek
Tutoring Program Liaison
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207
Julianna Montminy
4th and 5th Math and Science Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207
Liam Wintroath
Social Studies Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207
Lousillia Bailey
Art Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207
Hannah McGowan
Upper/ Lower School Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207
Hanna Shibles
Upper/ Lower School Teacher
Phone: (617), 427-1177 x207
Tom Savas
Lower School Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207
Taylor Parker
Study Skills Teacher
Phone: 427-1177 x207
Isabelle Hattan
Coding Teacher
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x207


Raymonde Alcindor
Operations Manager
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x201
Adebo Olumide
IT Director
Information Technology
Phone: 617-427-1177 Ext 107 
Darwing Rodriguez
IT Technician
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x107
Eddy Dacius
Facility Manager
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x507
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Jillian LaFond
RN, School Nurse
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x216
Magdalena Gaillot
Admissions and Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (617) 427-1177 x133