Future Scientists?

On Friday, January 26th, MCA’s 7th grade class traveled to the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in Cambridge Massachusetts with Ann Fudge, a member of the Novartis Board of Directors and ardent supporter of Mother Caroline Academy.  
While there they had the opportunity to hear from the current Novartis President, Dr. Jay Bradner, who spoke to them about his own journey into the field of biomedical research and his hopes for the future of the field.  Students were able to ask questions and explore ideas around the future of research and their own interests and goals.  Dr. Bradner encouraged them to find their own passions and to pursue them, and told them he believed their generation was poised to have significant impact on the field.
After that, students visited the Novartis Community Exploration and Learning Lab (CELL) to gain some hands-on experience with the work that is required for the development of medications.  They explored protein concentrations and analyzed the data from their experiments.      
Students quotes, just a few. . .
Avia “It made me feel like a real scientist, and we actually got to do things scientists every day.”
Persia “I liked that we used the actual equipment and they treated the lab and all of us like these were real experiments.   Also that Dr. Bradner said that you don’t have to be rich, but that anyone can be a scientist.” 
Mackenzie “It was a fun and new experience.”