At Mother Caroline, our dedicated volunteers are an invaluable part of the community. In addition to the full time teaching fellows, we have numerous volunteers who offer their time and talents across all areas. If you are interested in volunteering at Mother Caroline, current opportunities are listed below.

The Academy
A private, tuition-free school for girls in grades 4-8 from limited financial means with the goal of fully preparing students for competitive high schools.

Homework Assistance

Program hours are 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Fridays, students participate in the Science Club for Girls – there is a need for volunteers to assist students as they take on lots of fun and interesting experiments.

After School Activities
Offer your time and talent to teach an after school enrichment program for Academy girls such as athletics, arts, music, theater, and crafts. If you have a talent you’d like to share, the girls would welcome the experience and instruction. These activities run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM.
Be a Study Hall Proctor or Individual Tutor on Wednesday afternoons from 2:20-3:20 or Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:45 PM – 6:30 PM.

Mentor Program
Our mentor program is structured to provide support to current 7th and 8th grade students in the academy in preparation for the transition to high school and ultimately college. For more information about becoming a mentor, click here

Summer Programming and Internship Coordinator: This position seeks an individual or group of individuals, willing and interested in researching summer academic, art and technical enrichment programs as well as summer internship opportunities for current students of MCAEC as well as high school and college alumnae. The opportunities will be presented to MCAEC for review and then posted on the MCAEC website for an easy access by the MCAEC community.

This Month Around Boston” Coordinator: This position seeks an individual interested in researching free and affordable activities and events taking place around Boston during each month. These activities and events would then be posted on the MCAEC website for easy access by mentors and mentees.

College Prep Research: This position seeks an individual or group of individuals interested in researching free and affordable college prep opportunities for MCAEC high school alumnae. This would include available websites, test prep centers/workshops, speakers, college fairs, college tours, scholarship and financial aid. These opportunities will be presented to MCAEC for review and then posted on the MCAEC website for easy access by the MCAEC community.
Food Preparation for Events: We would love to have a list of volunteers willing to prepare, donate, or purchase and deliver food for mentor program events.
Workplace Exposure: Exposure to career options and workplace environments can really help a student visualize her future. We’d like to expose our high school alumnae to various such opportunities through workplace visits/tours as well as job shadowing. If you and your company may be able to provide such an experience, we’d love to speak with you.
Help Plan a Fundraising Event: The MCAEC mentoring Program supports a wide range of enrichment initiatives for participants. We offer this programming free of charge in order to make it equally accessible to all participants of the program. We would love to hold some fun, smaller scale events to raise awareness of our program and raise funds to support these initiatives.

Assist with office duties and help to plan events.

Join a Committee!
MCAEC has many committees that are always looking for additional members: Education, Development, Finance, Technology, and Facilities

Want to learn more about the opportunities you see here? Please contact Development  at (617) 427-1177 x122