November 7, 2017

Dear Members of the Mother Caroline Academy Community,

As you know, Ed Hudner has determined that 2017-18 will be his final year of service as our Head of School.  We are pleased to inform you that we have been asked to Chair the newly formed Head of School Search Committee, which will work to find our next school leader.  

The Search Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees whose members offer a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, and points of view. The Search Committee will manage the process, meet candidates, and ultimately make a recommendation to the full Board of Trustees. We are grateful to these members of our community for agreeing to serve in this important role. The full Search Committee is listed below:

  • Diana Monteith, Chair, MCAEC Board of Trustees
  • Sandra Génere (MCA ’97), Trustee and Co-Chair, Search Committee
  • Peter Holland, Trustee and Co-Chair, Search Committee
  • Sarah Clark, Trustee
  • Roxanne Hoke-Chandler, Trustee and former MCAEC parent

The Board of Trustees has engaged the services of Resource Group 175 (RG 175) as its partner in the search.  RG 175 is a leading independent school search firm.  Robert P. Henderson, Jr. and Jerrold I. Katz will work with us to help steer the search process and to recruit candidates.  Bob and Jerry are former, highly regarded independent school heads, each of whom has done extensive work with prospective and new school leaders.  We have been impressed by their early insights, and we are confident that you will find them to be a good fit for the values and culture of our school community.

The process will be inclusive, thorough, and professional.  Robert Henderson visited the School on October 30 and 31, and interviewed faculty, administration, parents, and students. RG 175’s objective will be to get to know our school well, in order to best represent Mother Caroline Academy in a position statement that will be used to recruit prospective candidates. When finalized, this position statement will be posted to the MCAEC website.  There will also be a chance for all faculty members, parents and other constituents of the community to participate in a brief on-line survey to share their perspectives about the uniqueness of our school and opportunities for its future.  This survey will be distributed this month, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback.

As final candidates emerge early in 2018, the entire Mother Caroline community will have a chance to meet them in open sessions. All those who meet candidates will be able to share their impressions with the Search Committee.  The Search Committee will consider all opinions fairly and openly, as it comes to a recommendation. However, the final decision and responsibility to appoint a next Head of School rests solely with the Board of Trustees.  We expect to be able to make an announcement about the outcome of this process later this winter.  Our new head will assume his/her responsibilities on July 1, 2018. 

We will continue to update the community regularly as we move forward.  Updates will be posted periodically on a site dedicated to the Head of School search on the MCAEC website.

We invite your feedback and questions throughout the search. You can reach us at: sgenere@gmail.com and pbh1980@gmail.com

We are honored to serve Mother Caroline Academy as stewards of this process.


Sandra Génere (MCA ’97), Trustee and Co-Chair, Search Committee

Peter Holland, Trustee and Co-Chair, Search Committee